Feature 1
Minimize Cost
Our 101Form is a “Pay-Per-Use Software” on a cloud-based platform that does not require enterprises to spend extra costs on infrastructures such as building a computer room and procuring hardware machines. 101cloud
Feature 2
Quick to Learn
Online guidances and demo videos are bundled with the purchase of our 101Form cloud-based platform to speed up your time in learning our platform. 101cloud
Feature 3
Support Mobile Devices
101Form is applicable with various mobile devices and web browsers. Hundred Plus Corp also developed a mobile enhanced version to support mobile workers for the needs of filling out an e Form or taking pictures as attachments on mobile devices. 101cloud
Feature 4
Online e Form Designer
With 101Form e Form designer, enterprises will not need IT specialists with programming background in house. Enterprise users can simply copy & paste forms from MS Word and import forms to our 101Form e Form designer page on 101Form platform. 101cloud
Feature 5
Online Approval Made Easy
Make collaboration between various levels of management easy! The e Form management consolidates procedures such as approval, designation and notification smoothly in order to ensure the accuracy and promptness of the administrative flow. 101cloud
Feature 6
e Form Analysis Reports
101Form enables eneterprise users to analyze data for actionable insights to optimize the workflow. With our built-in report generator, live business reports can be exremely handy! Exporting files in excel format is within a few clicks away as well. What’s more, 101Form enables users to set up restricted access to designated groups or individual users to handle files with care. 101cloud