Feature 1
Minimize Cost
Enterprises are only charged the running costs of the cloud platform, the 101Form is a “Pay-Per-Use Software” that does not require firms to build a computer room and hardware machines from scratch.
Feature 2
Quick to learn
Managerial and normal users can learn the software easily in a relatively short time. We have also provided online movies and tutorials to speed up the learning curve.
Feature 3
Support Mobile Devices
101Form is compliant with various mobile devices and web browsers; we provided a mobile enhanced version for mobile workers who can easily fill out an e-Form or take picture as attachments.
Feature 4
Online e-Form Designer
Enterprises can customize e-Forms to their own satisfaction without specialists with any programming background. The forms can be designed in MS Word and then copy/paste to the e-Form Designer for further processing.
Feature 5
Online Approval made Easy
The e-Form management allows the collaboration of various level of management to run procedures such as approval, designation and notification smoothly in order to ensure the accuracy and promptness of the administration.
Feature 6
e-Form Analysis Reports
You can generate live business reports with our built-in report generator, and restricting access to designated groups or individual users. Each report can be exported in Excel format for data exchange or further analysis.